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School Uniform Rules

  • Students must wear their uniform with pride and ensure that they look neat, tidy and presentable at all times.
  • I-Card for all and hair band for girls are an integral part of the uniform and must be worn at all times.
  • A student must always come to school in neat and clean uniform, also duringthe practical and special classes.
  • Students are required to attend all school functions/activities, Open House, PTM in or outside the school in school uniform only.
  • Students who are not in complete/neat and tidy uniform can be debarred from boarding the bus/entering the school.
  • Students are not supposed to wear House Uniform on days of examination, Open House or any scholastic/co-scholastic event.
  • School Belt is mandatory for all students. Each student is supposed to carry a clean, ironed, white handkerchief to school every single day without fail. Repeated offence in this regard will incur disciplinary action.
  • Students who wear spectacles must ensure that the frame is black in colour. Coloured and/or fancy frames will be confiscated. However, coloured frames are allowed for students of classes Nursery-III.
  • Students are required to wear shirts and tunics/skirts/trousers as per the design specifications of the prescribed uniform supplied by the uniform shop.
  • Students are required to wear shoes provided by the uniform shop.
  • Girls are not allowed to apply henna on their hands. They are not allowed to wear earrings or rings on fingers or nose rings. However, a pair of small ear studs is permitted.
  • Girls with long hair should plait their hair. It is mandatory for girls to wear hair bands in the school campus, inside the bus as well as outside the school campus while representing the school. Failure to follow the rule will result in suspension from school. Colouring or bleaching of hair is not permitted.
  • Sikh boys of Nursery and Prep must wear cream-coloured patkas .
  • Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals and ensure that it remains combed and tidy.
  • Ornaments of any kind, including bracelets, nose pins, rings on fingers, or elaborate earrings/ear studs of precious metal/jewels are not allowed, even for religious reasons. The only exception for girls is a pair of small ear studs.
  • Violation of this rule will result in confiscation and/or suspension. Thisapplies to religious threads, talisman, tika, etc., as well.